Image Films & more

Image films realy have the magic to give a push to a busniss. A good example is "Alexandra House" in Nazareth. I talked to guets there and they confermed, that the Video was one of the reasons to book in "Alexandra House".

Image films & Visual Effects & Compositing

My first Compositing work I did not knowing I was doing Comositing. I simply played around with the frame cache on AVID during editing my film "Temporary Identity".

2004, I started learning After Effects from Adobe, simply by reading and applying Step-By-Step tutre from books. And no, Video Tutorials were not very commun back then. gradually TuCows and Video Co-Pilot gave the starting hints. 2006 I made my first Feature VFX for Christian Klandt´s "Schausteins letzter Film". All for free for the sake of learning more. Ever since I started learning more and more, I discovered new programs such as Imageneer System´s Mocha Pro and Foundery´s Nuke.